Limited Lifetime Warranty Information

Pre-Installation Warranty: Before leaving the factory each Everyday Cabinets product is carefully inspected, and shipped in sealed packaging to keep the product stable. We require inspection of the material prior to installation. It is imperative that the homeowners look at the material to determine whether the color and appearance of the cabinets are what they expected. Any boards that are defective should be set aside and they will be replaced free of charge. Wood materials have inherent character that cannot always be fully viewed in a display sample. Samples exposed to ultra violet light can also experience subtle changes.

Residential Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty: Everyday Cabinets warrants that the wood panels will remain free from manufacturing defects for as long as the original purchaser owns and occupies the home. The factory warranties apply only to the original owner and are non – transferable.

Radiant Heat Warranty: It is critical that the cabinet be installed to Everyday Cabinets' specifications. The surface temperature of the cabinets should not exceed 80oF. Relative humidity should be maintained at between 30 to 40%. Hydronic, water – based systems must be used (see installation instructions and radiant heat guide for greater detail). Use of electric mat systems is not authorized. Installation with radiant heat should be performed using the floating or glue down installation method. (Please check Effect of Moisture on Wood for more information)

Products Excluded from Radiant Heat Warranty: All Solid products



  1. Color Variation: Wood is a natural product and will vary in color and grain appearance from board to board. This is considered a natural aspect of the product.
  2. Ultraviolet Light/Sunlight Exposure: Subtle changes will occur (patina) when wood is exposed to UV rays from sunlight or florescent and incandescent bulbs. Window coverings, UV resistant tint, solar screens can minimize but not eliminate this natural occurrence. Tropical species, such as Brazilian Cherry, (Exotic Collection), are more susceptible to UV light due to their high content of natural oils.
  3. Pre-Installation Inspection of Wood panels: Wood panels containing manufacturing defects are eligible for replacement. Return unused panels for free replacements. However, material that is subjectively viewed as defective but meets Everyday Cabinets' and industry standards for grade will not be replaced. Boards that are installed when visibly defective will not be eligible for replacement.
  4. Improper Installation: Failure to follow installation instructions will invalidate the warranty. Cabinets shall be assembled on clean and smooth table or ground surface. The installer shall read the instructions carefully before do the installation.
  5. Reaction to Environmental Conditions: Wood is a product of nature. As a natural material, it will expand and contract as it gains and loses moisture. Some gaps between the boards during low – humidity seasons are normal and not considered a defect. Maintaining optimum humidity levels of 35 to 45% will minimize these occurrences. Allowing relative humidity levels to fall below 35% for a prolonged period can result in structural damage to the cabinet such as large gaps, splits in the surface, distortion of the boards and structural failure. Humidity levels above 45% for prolonged periods can result in surface warping and structural failure of the boards. Warping of less than 1/4” is not considered a defect. This guarantee does not apply to costs incurred after the product leaves our facility. The purchaser agrees to let doors that are warped 1/4” or more to hang for two seasons before replacement is requested. Typically a door will return to its normal flat position once it is acclimated to temperature and humidity conditions. Prior to requesting a replacement for a warped door, please be sure the door has been installed properly.
  6. Adverse Environment: Damage created by moisture, sharp objects, sand gravel, or other abrasive material, scratches, high heels, dents caused by impact, and pet claw damage is excluded from this warranty.
  7. Maintenance: Full compliance with maintenance instructions is required. Spills must be wiped up immediately to prevent damage to the panels. Use of steam cleaners will damage the wood panel and invalidate the warranty.

This warranty is limited to residential use and does not apply to industrial or commercial use. When unauthorized maintenance products are used or when wet moping occurs, the warranty becomes void. If any product is abused, improperly installed, or damaged by moisture intrusion, plumbing leaks, insects, building defects, floods, or circumstances beyond our control, the warranty is no longer valid. Everyday Cabinets will not be responsible for any special, incidental, or consequential damages including inconvenience or loss of time.

This warranty applies to cabinets, trim, mouldings and skin panel products purchased from Everyday Cabinets after January 1, 2015. It is valid for the original purchase/resident only and is non – transferable. No agent, dealer, fabricator, installer, or employee of Premier Countertops, Inc., is authorized to alter or increase the terms, limitations, or obligations of this warranty.

In the event that warranty service is required, please contact your original Everyday Cabinets retailer to arrange an evaluation of the cabinet. Should further evaluation be needed your retailer will need to contact the local distributor to begin the warranty process. The local distributor will forward the inspection report to Premier Countertops Inc. for review.

This warranty shall be governed by the laws of the state of Nebraska and any applicable federal laws of the United States. Any action brought seeking the resolution of any controversy arising out of or relating to any warranties referenced herein shall be brought in the courts of the State of Nebraska.


Nature of Wood:

  • Due to the nature of wood, each piece of our product is unique and different from each other. Any knot, texture, and / or other wood character shall not be considered as defective product.
  • Different texture and grain of wood can also effect on the color. Although each piece comes from the same print process, the color may slightly different from each other.


  • The accuracy of all measurements, sketches, drawings and /or other information provided to Everyday Cabinets are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Everyday Cabinets does not accept responsibility of any measurement related errors. The buyer is also responsible for approving the final design and item list. Cabinets missed in error on your drawing are not the liability of Everyday Cabinets.


  • Please inspect the shipment immediately when it arrives at your location. Photos are not required, but are recommended for your personal records and safety in the rare event that a freight claim needs to be filed.
  • Make a notation of any damage and/or shortages on the delivery receipt with a representative from the carrier present before accepting the order, but do not refuse the order. If the order is refused the buyer will be responsible for applicable freight charges to and from the destination.
  • Please note finished plywood panels or skins may be packaged on the bottom of the pallet under cardboard for the best protection. Do NOT mistake this for packing materials.
  • If you ordered any trim please be aware that it might be coming as a “loose” and separately packaged carton.
  • Please sign for piece count as well as pallet count.
  • The freight carrier has acknowledged the receipt of the shipment from our facilities in good condition. By your acceptance of the shipment from the carrier on the delivery receipt, you acknowledge that the product has been delivered in good condition. We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage if you give the carrier a clean and clear receipt.
  • Damaged or defective product must NOT be assembled or installed. Assembly or installation equates to buyer’s acceptance of the item.

Claims Instructions:

  • Damaged or defective product must NOT be assembled or installed. Assembly or installation equates to buyer’s acceptance of the item.

Visible freight damage and/or shortage:

  • Claims can be made only when it is indicated on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery. The claim must then be reported by email to us by sending info regarding the pieces damaged and pictures showing the damage. No claims will be allowed without the proper paperwork signed by the customer and the transportation company. Pictures are required to file a claim.

Concealed Damage:

  • Any concealed damage (damage found after opening packages) claims must be noted immediately upon unpacking cabinets. Once the cabinets are assembled in any way we cannot replace your damaged cabinets. Claims must be made within 72 HOURS OF PRODUCT DELIVERY. Claims must be made by email to us by sending information regarding the pieces damaged and pictures showing the damage. Pictures are required to file a claim. If the claim is approved, only the piece damaged will be replaced. Refunds will not be given for damaged product.
  • If there is a mistake with your order, please email us with your order number, buyer’s name, shipping address and a brief description of the mistake. We will respond with a confirmation email and we will proceed to remedy the error as soon as possible.
  • Please refer to our warranty for additional information regarding claims.



  • All in – stock orders will be fulfilled and prepared for shipment within five business days (Monday to Friday). Customer will be provided with delivery conformation and / or other information by the logistic company once the product has been shipped. Any changes made to an order after it is placed may delay shipment.
  • Customer has 24 hours to do any change or cancel the order after the order has been placed with no cost.
  • If a cancellation to an order has been received after 24 hours but has not been shipped yet, a 20% restocking fee will be charged. If the order has been shipped, it will be the customer’s responsibility for the shipping cost. Please read out RETURN POLICY for more information.
  • No change is acceptable after 24 hours of the order placed.
  • We will try our best to package the products well for shipment. However, anything could happen during transport. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the shipment when it arrives at the final destination. Please read the PRODUCT CONDITION for more information about Inspection.



If you are unsatisfied with the product in any way we do accept returns under the following return policy guidelines:

  • All returns will need to be authorized by us prior to return shipment. For authorization please send us an email request.
  • Returns must be received by us within 30 days from date of purchase.
  • All items returned in original, unopened packaging will incur a 20% restocking fee.
  • Opened or assembled products are not eligible for return.
  • The customer is responsible for setting up all return shipments.
  • Any returned product which is deemed un-sellable will not receive credit.
  • When the returned item(s) are received, the value of the returned items minus applicable restocking fees and shipping fees will be credited back as soon as our Returns Department has completed processing (usually within 2 weeks). If the original shipment received free shipping the credit will be issued minus the actual shipping charges paid by us.
  • We will not process any returns if the product returned is missing or incomplete from the original shipment.
  • We cannot accept returns on any pieces of trim (this includes all types of moulding, toe kick, plywood panels, and etc.).